Set up your own circus for the musical Carousel with stage backdrops from Grosh Backdrops and Drapery. Our collection for this theatrical production covers all major settings, such as the wharf where Billy and Julie first met and the big top itself.

Explore our online gallery and find stage backdrops that perfectly depict the places Billy frequented before committing his crime and the places he must go to in order to find redemption. Our collection includes nearly 40 backdrops, stage legs, and borders.

Set in Maine in 1873 Carousel follows the story of Julie Jordan, a millworker, and Billy Bigelow, a carousel barker. In love, unemployed, and expecting a child, Billy Bigelow chooses to accompany a friend in a robbery that will change his life and affect the future of his unborn child.

Carousel, Rodgers and Hammersteins second collaboration, was based on the 1909 play Liliom by the Hungarian-born dramatist Ferenc Molnr. The team expected that Carousel would be unfavorably compared with their immensely successful first musical, Oklahoma!, another musical. However, when Carousel opened on Broadway on April 19, 1945, it was met with immediate critical and commercial success. The production was named the best musical of the 20th century by Time in 1999.

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