Circus Tent Exterior

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22'h x 50'w $375.00 ES2150
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Invite your audience to witness the amazing acts featured in Buffalo Bill's Wild West by using Circus Tent Exterior as your stage background. Our theatrical backdrop is a suggested backdrop for the musical Annie Get Your Gun, Pippin, The Greatest showman and Big Fish but it can also be used for shows set in the circus or fair, such as State Fair, Carousel, and Barnum. This theatrical backdrop portrays an expansive circus tent that’s been weathered and faded by the sun. Adding color to the khaki material are the flags flying over the tent’s poles. To attract viewers and curious onlookers, the tent carries posters of its top performances: Chief Tomahawk, Buffalo Bill, Anne Oakley, and Iron Tail. Reserve this backdrop for events and performances centered on the circus and the Wild West. Call Grosh to reserve this stage background and speak to a backdrop consultant.  You can also check availability and rent directly online. Take a look at our complete inventory of Circus Backdrops and Circus Banners. Keywords: backdrop, theatrical backdrop, Annie Get Your Gun, State Fair, Big, Carousel, Grease, Barnum, Circus themes, Harlquinade, circus ten, tent exterior, circus, Buffalo Bill, wild west show, circus banners, tent, The Greatest Showman