Our Blog

We want you to stay connected with what’s happening in the land of Grosh, so please feel free to navigate the landscape.

 We have created a few sections for your reading pleasure and ease:

Backdrop Care

Browse this section to find useful tips on how to fold and care for your backdrop rental. If you have questions on how to return your backdrop to us, this section will be helpful.

Backdrops in Action

Often we only get to see our own backdrops on the paint frames here at our LA studio, so when a client shares their final stage design with us, we’re excited to boast about their creativity!  Here you may find some inspiration for your own stage design by reading about how other clients have used our backdrops.

Grosh Giving

Grosh gives back all year round. We love to spread the love!  Take a look at this section to learn about our past and current campaigns which have contributed to some of our favorite and your suggested charities.

Industry Tips

Perhaps you are wondering how to create the right atmosphere for your venue or how to maximize your budget? You may find some helpful information in this section about how to best use your time, money and resources to produce your desired event.

Grosh at Work

As you know, the Grosh team is a small team of familiar voices. We’re  inviting you take a look into the “Life of Grosh.” Like any office, we have our funny moments and we grow together. If you are interested in getting to know us too, you can read about our staff here.