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Indiana Will Call & Pick Up Procedure

Table of Contents

We at Grosh offer several delivery and return options. You can have your backdrop shipped to your address and return it the same way – by shipping it back to one of our facilities (California or Indiana warehouse), or you can pick them up and return them yourself. If you chose the second option, and you are located near our Indiana warehouse, make sure you follow the instructions in this video. To pick up or return your backdrop, first locate our Indiana warehouse, drive up to the door, and knock. Our employees will meet you and help you load or unload your backdrops to and from your car. 

Keep in mind that the working hours for our Indiana warehouse are from 9 AM to 4 PM, so please make sure you pick up or return an item at least half an hour before closing.

How to Pick Up and Return a Backdrop to Indiana Warehouse via Will Call Option

A will call or pick up is easy. Our Grosh Indiana address is 2422 North Burkhart Road in Evansville Indiana. Upon arriving, you can drive up to the warehouse door and knock. Our warehouse guys will open the warehouse door for you and load your vehicle, or help you with taking the backdrop or drape out of your vehicle if you’re returning.

Indiana Will Call Pickup Procedure

If you need more help, feel free to contact us!

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