Tree Filled Park

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22'h x 50'w $350.00 ES2143
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Grosh Backdrops and Drapery’s Tree Filled Park backdrop depicts a peaceful park with an over abundance of trees. The tree inside this park are green, with leafy foliage and thick trunks. A fence with white columns adorns the outer edge of the park but does little to keep back the sprawling trees inside. There are plenty of musicals and other theatrical productions that feature a scene in a park during daytime. Some of these titles include Music ManHello Dolly, and Carousel. The Tree Filled Park backdrop would be a great fit for these titles. Rent this park backdrop today for your next production or event. Simply use the availability form on this page to check if it’s available on the dates you need it. You can also opt to call us should you need assistance in placing your order. Keywords: backdrop, backdrop design, theatrical backdrops, scenic backdrop, park backdrop, Music Man, Hello Dolly, I Rather Be Right, Louisiana Purchase, Carousel, Outdoor themes, parks, Carousel, Mary Poppins, trees, Legally Blonde