Many times, photographers who dont have the luxury of owning a professional studio set-up can benefit from renting stylish photography backdrops. They can place their subjects before photo backdrops that simulate the look of those used in photo studios. At Grosh Backdrops and Drapery, we have mottled photobackings in blue, sepia, red, and gray, and we also have a variety of abstract designs. If you need a festive design, we offer photobackings with realistic fireworks. We also carry blue chroma key and green chroma key backings for compositing purposes. This photography and film technique is often used to combine multiple visual elements in a photo or movie. For instance, the green color of the chroma key backing can be digitally removed during post-production to be replaced with an image of a city skyline. Start your search for the right photobacking by using the form provided on this page. Should you encounter any difficulty, just get in touch with us and well help you out. Simply call 877-363-7998 or send us a message through our contact page to reach one of our backdrop consultants. A leading backdrop rental company based in Los Angeles, California and Evansville, Indiana, Grosh is your resource for the best backdrops, curtains, and drapes for stage productions, events, and photo shoots. We deliver to all U.S. customers.