Silver Metallic Curtain

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10'h x 10'w $195.00 D1980
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Add some glimmer and glam to your stage with our Silver Metallic Curtain theater drapes. This silver curtain creates dramatic visual effects when paired with good lighting. It is usually made with lame to produce a liquid metal sheen. When left free flowing, the drapery has a certain fullness to it, making it look luxurious as well.   Silver Metallic Curtain is best used for scenes that call for flashy and bold backgrounds. Musicals and recitals can also use this as a curtain backdrop. Reserve and rent this item months in advance by calling Grosh today! You can learn more about this product by checking our availability form. Our company also has other drapes with similar and complementary designs, like the ones in the list below.   Keywords: theater drapes, silver drape, liquid metal, silver curtain, silver drapery, drapes, metallic, black and silver