Patriotic Fireworks

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22'h x 50'w $350.00 S1793
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Grosh Backdrops Patriotic Fireworks will give your  events and festivities like 4th of July and New Year's Eve celebrations the wow feeling. Some theatrical performances even feature well-timed fireworks and light shows to add impact to scenes with heartwarming reunions and happy endings. For these instances, you have Grosh’s Patriotic Fireworks to back you up.   Use this backdrop for events, activities, and shows that need captivating night views. Our theatrical backdrop for rent depicts the white explosion of fireworks in the night sky. The white light show is made even more prominent by the starless, solid-black night sky. Rent this scenic backdrop and turn your stage into the dramatic night show everyone loves to watch. Call Grosh or place your order online to rent this backdrop for your event or show. Grosh delivers to any US and Canada but you can also choose to pick up your order. To see if the scenic backdrop is available on any specific date, you can check online or give us a call. You can see all of our Patriotic Backdrops here.