North Pole Pop-Up

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8"h x 10"w $295.00 POP0003
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Have you heard, Santa Clause is coming to town in this adorable North Pole Pop-Up drop.  In the foreground of this drop is two snow covered hill, a pine tree covered in snow and a candy cane sign letting you know you have arrived at the North Pole.  In the background are silhouettes of trees along with a blue night sky filled with stars sparkling across the sky.  This drop can be used in any event where you want to feel the cold of winter and the excitement of the season. The Pop Drop by Grosh Backdrops & Drapery is the most convenient backdrop for Events, Performances, Weddings and more - Pop Up anywhere in minutes! Designed with the customer in mind, it’s a complete kit that includes the backdrop graphic, frame and shipping case. No tools required in this easy set up. Use your Pop Drop at: • Weddings • Birthday parties • Photoshoots • Dance Studio space • Red Carpet entrance • Black Box Theaters • Tradeshows