Swirling Abstract

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Are you planning your performance of Alice in Wonderland? Set the stage for Alice falling down the rabbit hole with Grosh Backdrops Swirling Abstract. Our Swirling Abstract displays all sorts of shapes and designs. The designs are in distinct blacks and white. The design gives you the illusion of Alice tumbling down into the rabbit hole under the tree where she finds the bottle that says drink me. This sets Alice off on her wonderful adventure. This backdrop is ideal for this scene of Alice falling and swirling down.  Grosh theatrical backdrop is also used in performances of pippin.  This backdrop has also been used on The Jimmy Kimmel show as a background for a guest singer.  This drop is only limited by your imagination. To rent this scenic backdrop give us a call today or you can check availability and order directly online. Searching for other scenes in your performance? Take a look at all of our Alice in Wonderland Backdrops.