Red Carpet Pop-Up Drop

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8"h x 10"w $295.00 POP0014
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Our Red Carpet Cityscape pop-up backdrop depicts a pair of red drapes and red carpet set on a blue and white tiled floor. Lined on each side with red ropes on poles, the carpet rolls out to a view of the cityscape and its high-rise buildings. This city backdrop is a perfect fit for scenes that need a bit of glamour. It is also a great addition to dance scenes and scenes that need to enhance fame and celebrity. Rent this pop-up backdrop design for your theatrical production or event. Check out the availability of the product by filling out the form on this page. You may also call us should you need any assistance in placing your order. Keyword: backdrop, stage backdrop, backdrop design, city backdrop, Hollywood, Red Carpet, New York, Chicago, Premiere, Paparazzi, Oscar Party, Golden Globes, award shows, dance