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Grosh Customs Keeps Busy!

Table of Contents

Grosh Backdrops and Drapery is one of the only backdrop companies with a fully staffed scenic department and painter’s studio!  As part of our commitment to excellence, Grosh would never think of outsourcing any part of the production process from designing renderings to the finished backdrop.  Grosh does not employ a production line, but passionate artists who do all the work in-house maintaining full control and integrity over the artistic process.

From celebrities to major retailer brand sponsored events and global franchises to talented noteworthy artists, Grosh customs takes it all on with finesse and efficiency.

What else can you expect from the biggest, oldest and best in the business?

Grosh Collaborates with Pat Bentara

This year, Pat Benatar was added to the list of Hollywood talent that has come to the Grosh studio! Paul Dexter of Masterworks Lighting Design brought Pat Benatar to Grosh to paint a custom backdrop for her U.S. 35th Anniversary Tour.  The backdrop center is an old skool vinyl record with crossed arrows behind it, mimicking crossbones, a perfect symbolic representation to her roots and kick rocker attitude. Grosh Customs also painted their broken window backdrop…thought it was real didn’t yeah!

Grosh and Target Make Halloween Magical

For Halloween, Target sponsored a huge LA LIVE event in front of the Nokia center in Downtown Los Angeles. Advertised as a frightful fiesta, there were festive games and prizes, along with face painting and a spooktastic spectacular in the cemetery.  Digimedia’s Make Friedman brought the project to Grosh Customs to paint and install a giant pumpkin and skull edifice.

Skeletown Square merged the traditional themes of Halloween with the cultural influence of Dia De Los Muertes.  Thousands of people were in attendance and blown away by the painted skull and pumpkin, and how they seemed to emanate light, a trade secret!

Life Size Abstract Piece for the Art Center College of Design

Grosh Customs also works with artist’s pushing the envelope. In May when Darin Johnstone and his namesake Architecture firm wanted to create a life size abstract piece for the Art Center College of Design he turned to the experts. This was no easy task and only Grosh with 85 years had the expertise to execute such a dynamic and innovative construction challenge. The installation at the Art Center Atrium was one of the winners in this month’s Best of 2014 Interior Design magazine!


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Darin Johnstone described the project as follows:

“The ‘haptic’ drawing series moves up and around the central gallery space while shifting from objective to subjective modes of representation. Depth and flatness toggle in and out as the drawing itself suggests multiple formal outcomes. With the drawings as a point of departure we sought to render material in light and ambiguity distinctions between line, surface, and mass. The idea of the drawing and its physical attributes are exploited to reveal the shifting qualities of the spaces we designed. The installation is intended to be drawing and object simultaneously. It is a projection of multiple outcomes and rumination on presence.”*


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