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Over 100 Backdrops for the Wizard of Oz Production

Table of Contents

Follow us over the rainbow for your production of The Wizard of Oz!

The story begins on a small farm in Kansas where Dorothy and her little dog Toto live.

As Dorothy and Toto venture away from the farm, a twister appears, sweeping them up, up and away from home all the way to the wonderful world of Oz! Dorothy awakens in Oz to discover Glinda, the Good Witch of the North who explains that Dorothy’s house has killed the Wicked Witch of the East and gives Dorothy the witch’s ruby red slippers.

Glinda tells Dorothy to find the Wizard of Oz and ask for his help getting home, all she must do is follow the yellow brick road. On her journey to find the Wizard Dorothy meets the Scarecrow who wishes he had a brain, the Tin Man who longs for a heart, and the Lion who just wants a little bit of courage.

The four set out to meet the Wizard, after fighting through a field of poisonous poppies and stubborn gatekeepers they make it before the Wizard who agrees to help them if they bring him the broomstick belonging to the Wicked Witch of the West. They set out toward the witch’s castle, but Dorothy and Toto are captured by the witch’s evil winkies and locked in her castle.

Just as Dorothy begins to give up hope, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion break into the castle to rescue Dorothy. Dorothy throws a bucket of water on the witch causing her to melt and setting all the winkies and Dorothy free. The four friends bring the broomstick back to the Wizard only to discover that he is not a powerful wizard, but just a man.

He tells the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion that they found what they were looking for on their journey with Dorothy and offers Dorothy a ride back to Kansas on his hot air balloon. Moments before the balloon takes off, Toto leaps from his basket forcing Dorothy to chase after him and the Wizard to leave them stranded.

Glinda arrives before Dorothy to tell her that she doesn’t need the Wizard to get home. All she needs to do is close her eyes, tap her heels together, and say, “there’s no place like home” and she’ll be transported back to Kansas. When Dorothy follows Glinda’s instructions, she opens her eyes to find herself back on her farm in Kansas, with Toto and her magic red slippers. 

Over 100 Backdrops for the Wizard of Oz Production 1

Try our Kansas Farm or Green Field backdrop to start out Dorothy’s adventure. While the Kansas Farm backdrop features stormy clouds, a barn and a farmhouse, the green field backdrop depicts lush fields and blue skies to offer more space for eccentric set pieces and lighting displays. If you’re looking to juxtapose life in Kansas with life in Oz, check out our Black and White Farm Landscape to really make emerald city sparkle! 

Kansas Farm backdrop ES8138

Now get ready for vibrant colors from the land of Oz. If you’re looking for the classic swirling yellow brick road at the heart of Munchkinland, look at the Oz Munchkinland backdrop. This backdrop features the rolling hills of Oz behind the colorful mushroom houses of the munchkins surrounding intertwined yellow and red brick roads. Wanting to show your audience right away just how massive the land of Oz is? Then check out our Yellow Brick Road backdrop. With a vast mountain landscape, a sweeping corn field, and miles of shining yellow brick, this is the perfect backdrop to foreshadow Dorothy’s twisting journey. 

Oz Munchkinland backdrop ES8184

Yellow Brick Road backdrop ES8188

We have all the backdrops you need to follow Dorothy as she meets new friends to take on her adventure. Try our Cornfield backdrop for Dorothy’s encounter with the scarecrow, the Thick Green Forest backdrop for her run in with the Tin Man, or the Daytime Forest backdrop to set the stage for the entrance of the final member of the group, the cowardly Lion. 

Forest 1 backdrop S2404

Finally, pick out the perfect emerald city backdrop to dazzle your audiences. Show off the city in its entirety as Dorothy and her friends make their way down the yellow brick road with our Sparkling Emerald City backdrop. This backdrop puts the city on display with sunlight radiating in hallows and rays around its towering buildings against a cloudless, blue sky. Once Dorothy and friends have made it into the city, switch to our Glistening Emerald City backdrop for a close up look at the radiant emerald buildings that make up the city. Then, once Dorothy and her friends make it before the wizard, put our Green Casino Drapery on display to distract them from the man behind the curtain.

Emerald City backdrop S1602

Oz Emerald City backdrop ES8134

Emerald City Interior backdrop S3644

Oz Emerald City Interior backdrop ES8185

Oz The Great And Powerful backdrop

Wizard of Oz backdrop S1485 4

With more than 100 backdrops to choose from there’s so many combinations to create to bring your production of Wizard of Oz to life! Let us help you get started today! 

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