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Caterers Utilize Grosh Backdrops for Affordable Decor

Table of Contents

After being asked to guest-blog for Grosh Scenic Rentals this week, I quickly thought of the nine years I was working as an Executive Chef of a hotel and catering company here in Los Angeles. During my time there, a very common question continued to resurface with many customers. “How do I cover this ugly wall at my venue or cover the existing decor with something that will match my vision AND make it affordable on my aching wallet?”

At Universal Studios Hollywood Catering, the Circus Tent Interior was used with some of our circus banners like the Fire-Eater Banner to achieve the look of a big-top circus event. Caterers can also tie in the theme of the backdrop to the menu selection that they are serving their dinner guests, such as the normal circus food-fare of hot-dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy. Every small detail with the use of the backdrop helps caterers make the experience more life-like for the themed vision, whether it be for a graduation, wedding party, prom, annual company event, or private party.

If you are catering a themed wedding party for a client that will be honeymooning in the South Pacific, you might begin to ask yourself, “How do I transport my party of 100 guests to the pacific when I am in the middle of New York?”  Grosh’s backdrops can help you achieve this easily. Backdrops, such as our Tropical Beach, will not only cover up that unsightly, outdated wall but also turn it into a beautiful Hawaiian landscape of tangerine sunsets, Sandy Beaches and Sunset with Palm Trees. Place this backdrop scenery behind the buffet, refreshment table or on the opposite wall of your buffet line. Caterers can also use two backdrops on opposing walls of the venue to get a mirrored effect.

Grosh saves you time, money, and labor as your affordable resource in event decor, keeping your clients and their guests happy. Aloha!
S3025-Tropical Beach

Guest Blogger,

Ohmar Go, Backdrops Consultant


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