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Art for Atmosphere: Creating a More Appealing Venue

Table of Contents

I am art lover. I use art in my own home to create a mood. When I am planning an event in commercial spaces I look at the walls first. Is there already artwork? What kind of tone is the art setting in the room? Can I use it to create the tone I am looking to achieve or will I have to replace it for my event?

The same process that is used to create a backdrop for the stage can be used to create permanent and semi-permanent wall murals and art installations. Canvas can be stretched on frames to create depth on a wall. Murals can be applied directly to a wall like wallpaper. Large format artwork can be painted directly onto materials such as wood, plexiglass and transparent fabrics.

photo18If you are an event venue in a competitive marketplace, consider having some art and wall options on hand for perspective clients who are looking to rent your space. This might be the competitive edge you need to overcome your competition. Also, consider keeping equipment on hand that decreases the amount of supplies and time your client will need to transform your rental space. Having a Backdrop LIFT on site will give your clients the ability to transform any wall and/or create a room divider in less than 15 minutes with a backdrop or drape.  The Backdrop LIFT only requires two sets of hands for setup with no heavy lifting, which also means there is nothing heavy to be moved across your floor that could potential damage your surfaces. To learn more about how you can purchase a Backdrop LIFT, click here.

By Stephanie Michele from SocialBling

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