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What to Expect in 2014 – Dance, Events and Theatre!

Table of Contents

The Dance World

How do you look for inspiration?  We appreciate the difficulty in developing a show and have some suggestions for your creative exploration in 2014. So much creativity and hard work go into scenes, lighting, costumes, sound, make-up, stage managing, and the performance, these dance sources can take all of the guess work out of covering new ground.

  • Perusing the websites of, or attending 2014’s United Dance Merchants of America, Dance Teacher Summit and United States Institute for Theatre Technology can help you hone in on exactly the show you want to produce.
  • Allow us to be your muse!  We have created 9 new dance drops, abstract and literal.  It is important for the drop to support and play off the performers, which makes our abstract backdrops very versatile and compatible for myriad types of recitals.
  • Check out Tumblr, Pinterest, Bing Images and Photobucket.
  • Browse our total selection of 165 dance related drops and let our creativity inspire you.
Hip Hop Dance Backdrop
ES8019 Hip Hop Dance Backdrop

For Event Planners

Reinventing your events with new options is a good way to stay ahead of the game and invigorate your 2014 calendar. Here are a couple of ideas that are sure to make lasting impressions on your clients and guests!

Rio Design
New Rio Backdrop Design perfect for Events
  • The Rio theme has been gaining momentum and will explode in 2014 with both the World cup and Olympics scheduled for Brazil in the New Year.
  • Sports motifs will have a corresponding rise in interest and can be a slam dunk for planners on the ball.
  • UV lighting is a great innovative way to take your event to the next level. Backdrop features applied with florescent paints are used to highlight shape, enhance color and boost depth and contrast.  UV lighting adds a bold effect and can be seen with the naked eye or a black light can be utilized for maximum intensity.
  • Bizbash and The Special Event are also both excellent sources for great ideas on upcoming themes and budget friendly ways to help you materialize those ideas.
  • Our artists have revved up for the New Year and have designed new smaller drops.  From smaller scale drop designs to new legs, banners and borders, we have expanded the selection allowing small change to make a big impact!

In the Theatre!

Popular shows for this coming year will be The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, Little Shop of Horrors and Footloose.  Productions still going strong that will continue to pop up, especially in local and school theatre are Beauty and the Beast, Shrek and the Wizard of Oz. And let’s not forget Rogers & Hammerstein’s new musical productions of Cinderella, The King and I and Show Boat on Broadway.

Lost Boys Backdrop
ES8027 – Great backdrop for Lost Boys or Peter Pan
  • We have created new tailored show packages for many of these and more, making it easier and less expensive to develop the look you want. We have also added new discounts such as week and a half rentals.
  • If you’re not producing one of the big titles listed, check out Google trends,, Pinterest and ETSY for new show ideas.
  • Check out the Grosh website gallery photos or Grosh Pinterest to see the combination of drops, props, and costumes previously used to create authentic set designs for a variety of shows.
  • Not sure exactly how to consolidate the swirl of ideas in your head? Just give us a call. Grosh Customs will listen to your ideas, make suggestions and walk you through the process of being the creator of your own backdrop.

So no matter the event, show or production in 2014, if its ideas, inspiration, backdrops, drapery or custom drops, remember – We’ve got your back!

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