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Backdrops Meets the Fibonacci Spiral

Table of Contents

Not only are Grosh backdrops shining on your schools’ stages around the country, but they are shining in the classrooms as well. Specifically, at Levi Bemis Elementary School in Rialto, CA in Angela Hoover’s 5th grade GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) Classroom!

Grosh and Fibonacci Spiral

Mrs. Hoover used Grosh’s Time Warp Backdrop # ES7616 as inspiration for teaching her students about the significance of the Fibonacci Spiral and its influence on both the worlds of math and art.

Her students proceeded to create their own inspired works using the mathematic formula that is used to build this form.

About the Results

Here are a few of the incredible results. Needless to say you have inspired us as well. There is no limit to what art can do, go Bobcats!

Fibonacci Number



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