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Grosh’s Eric Mueller Meets Alice Cooper

Table of Contents

Alice Cooper is described as the “architect of shock-rock,” performing fantastic and elaborate vaudeville horror concerts. His career of scare antics has spanned five decades; that’s a lot of boa constrictors, fake blood and guillotines!

One would have wild ideas about the kind of conversation that would transpire with such an individual. But what if there were no cameras or screaming fans around? Grosh sat down with Eric Mueller, Warehouse Manager of Grosh Backdrops and Drapery, to ask about one of his first “Hollywood” encounters.

Meet Eric

At that time, Eric had graduated from college, and for him “school was out forever!” He turned all his attention to breaking into the entertainment industry anyway he could, and at the age of 22 his eagerness brought him to Los Angeles. He didn’t know or even care how he would fit into “Hollywood,” he just knew he was destined to be connected to the industry. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long to find employment at a Hollywood studio.  He had been hired by Grosh Backdrops and Drapery as a delivery driver.

One day, it just so happened that Universal Studios did not pick up their will call order, and suddenly needed it in a rush. After Eric made their delivery he made a fateful decision to grab coffee at the commissary’s vending machine. He sat alone in the room except for one other individual and after making eye contact the other man said hello to him. Eric, being the very personable, walked over and introduced himself.

Grosh: What was your first exchange with Alice Cooper?

“Hi, I’m Eric.”

“Hello! I’m Alice Cooper.”

“OH MY GROSH!” I said to him, “So you are!”

 Then he asked me to sit with him!

Eric hadn’t known he was in the presence of a big rock n’ roll star and future rock legend. He also didn’t know what Alice would do next, finish drinking his coke, or produce a chicken and bite its head off.

Grosh: Did you know who Alice Cooper was at the time?

Yes, you could not be alive in the 70’s and not have heard of Alice Cooper or his music. I just couldn’t recognize him without all the theatrical make-up on. He looked like a regular Joe!

Grosh: How would you describe his character?

He was a very nice and down to earth person! He mostly inquired about me, and actually seemed genuinely interested in my responses. I didn’t get much out of him except that he was there promoting another band and was busy preparing for another tour. He made me forgot he was a rock star. He was just another man that you might strike up a conversation with at a local park bench.

Since then, Alice Cooper has earned a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and charges an estimated $428 for a meet and greet. Looks like you got in there before the price hike Eric!


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