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An Employee’s 35th Anniversary, and Counting!

Table of Contents

Not many people can say they have been with the same company for 35 years, but Eric Mueller, Warehouse Manager at Grosh Backdrops and Drapery can!

Eric’s Career

Eric has been with Grosh Scenic Rentals since 1979. After college, Eric ventured into the Hollywood area in search of work. At the tender age of 19 he began his career at Grosh. In his time he has met celebrities, worked with myriad artist from big production companies (Warner Brother and Paramount, to name a few) and watched old Hollywood turn into what it is today.

Warehouse Manager

Eric is now a staple in the industry and has endless knowledge of the company’s history. He is assistant shop foreman, warehouse manager, author of the Backdrop Care and Maintenance instructions and tour guide extraordinaire (see blog Sharing the History of Grosh).

Flameproof Applicator

Many backdrop and drapery companies do not flameproof their products. Eric is a certified applicator by the state Fire Marshal and makes sure Grosh’s entire inventory is fire resistant.  Grosh is able to supply customers with a certificate of flame resistance so they, in turn, can give the certificates to their show venue. This is essential for having a seamless experience booking your performance location.  In tandem, he also is safety officer for all 35k sq. ft. that is the Grosh Studio.

Celebrating Dedicated Worker

On July 18th the whole Grosh team celebrated Eric’s monumental achievement, surprise party style! He had no idea and was ecstatic when presented with a extra large framed card that the scenic artists had designed and painted.  And no event is complete without a backdrop to set the right mood. Eric has been a prime example of the care and passion Grosh puts into getting quality backdrops and drapery to customers.

Eric has acquired such a plethora of anecdotes over the year that we will be running a short series of vignettes called “Eric’s Corner.” Stay tuned for the upcoming blog: “Eric Sits with Alice Cooper!”

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