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Lion King – Hakuna Matata

Table of Contents

Lion King Show Curtain

Hakuna Matata!!! Its means no worries on needing to look any further for sets because Grosh Backdrops and Projections has the best in painted and digital backdrops so you can bring Pride Rock to your stage. The Lion King is an exciting coming of age story that begins with the birth of our main character Simba who will one day become king of his pride.

However, matters turn asunder when Simba’s evil uncle Scar devises a sinister plan to do away with Mufasa and Simba so that he can take the throne. In order to tell this epic and powerful tale the correct way, you need the perfect backings that will make your audience feel like they’re part of the pride, sitting on the plains of Africa themselves.

Perfect Backdrops for the Lion King

In the opening scene, we see the sun as it rises over the Serengeti, welcoming the new day and the future king Simba. The perfect backdrop to present this monumental occasion would be the African Sun Landscape.  If you’d rather go digital, the African Sunrise or Dramatic Sunset projected images are also wonderful choices. These images would create the ideal opening to the story and welcome the audience into the Circle of Life.

African Sun Landscape backdrop S3528

Another very popular and integral scene for Lion King or Lion King Jr. would be the moment Mufasa and Simba have their father/son moment. Mufasa explains to Simba the importance of his taking the throne and learning to respect and maintain the delicate balance among the pride lands. The best backdrop to set the mood for this special moment would be the one of our several African Landscapes.

African Landscape

If you would like to feature some animals in your scene, any one of our African Landscapes, would be fun options to highlight not only the various animals that live in that part of the world but to show the value of diversity in their society. You are also welcome to showcase this quality time after the sun goes down and the stars begin to blanket the sky with our Night Desert Landscape backdrops available in both painted and digital projections.

Resize Night Desert Landscape backdrop S35731

Feature some of the scarier scenes of the Lion King on your stage with one of Grosh’s darker backdrops. Have Simba and Nala explore the forbidden areas with our Elephant Graveyard. Watch as Scar hatches his scheme to take over Pride Rock with his hyena minions with our Scars Cave or one of our Cave Interior backdrops. Set an eerie mood and give your audience that perfect uneasy feeling with backdrops fitting for these frightening moments.

Elephant Graveyard backdrop ES7998

Scars Cave Backdrop S35381 1

In the turning point of the story, Simba’s life changes forever as he is lured into the canyon area by Scar and tragedy ensues. For this heart-stopping moment as Mufasa attempts to save Simba from the stampede, one of the options that would best fit this scene is our Theatrical Desert. With this drop you can play out this scene as well as what happens next, as Scar convinces Simba that it was his fault Mufasa met his untimely demise and he should run away and never return.

S2772 theatrical desert 1

As Simba is chased away into the desert by the hyenas to face an unknown future, he is rescued and taken in by the unlikely duo, Timon and Pumbaa, and is raised in a Lush Jungle setting where he is taught the fundamentals of not having a care in the world.  Grosh features several picturesque scenes that capture the paradise they lived in beautifully.

In addition to the Lush Jungle backdrop, our Jungle Oasis and Jungle with Animals would be perfect backgrounds to give your set that relaxing Hakuna Matata feel. However, if you’d rather go without the streams and water pools, you can go towards a dense jungle look with Tropical Jungles, Tropical Landscapes or Forest Panels. Make sure your audience can feel the love tonight too with the perfect jungle backdrop.

Resize Lush Jungle backdrop S3525 1

Resize Jungle Oasis backdrop S3595

Another crucial scene for any performance of Lion King is when Simba is emotionally lost and confused after Nala pleads with him to return to Pride Rock and claim his rightful place as King. To capture the true emotion this scene has to offer, Grosh has the prefect scenes sure to make any audience break out into tears.  If projections are being used, we offer the Mufasa in the Clouds. This magnificent digital projected backdrop is animated with the image of Mufasa surrounded by moving clouds and a twinkling starry night.

If you’d rather have the night sky without the image of Mufasa, we do offer another animated goodie called the Twinkling Stars at Night. This is a great option if your vision involves focusing more on Simba during this powerful scene. As for painted backdrops, our Night Desert Landscape would also be a wonderful backdrop to use in this scene as well!!

Lion King – Hakuna Matata

And there you are!! The perfect backdrops to create the best Lion King or Lion King Jr. productions ever! Give your audience a high-quality performance with high quality backdrops and projections that they will remember for life. So, make sure to keep Grosh Backdrops and Projections in mind the next time you want roaring good time for your stage.

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