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The Perfect Backdrop for Your Fall Show

Table of Contents

Fall is fast approaching and it will once again be time for our schools to put on breath taking plays that will take their audience to a whole new world. A soon to be classic that is guaranteed to take your audience to a whole new world is, The Little Mermaid.

A Perfect Fall Show

This is an enchanting story of a young mermaid princess, Ariel, who dreams of nothing more than to walk on the land above her undersea home. Only problem is that her royal father, King Triton, has forbidden her to go on land. She often agues with her father about how the land is full of “barbaric fish-eaters.”

But when Ariel rescues the handsome young Prince Eric, she immediately falls head over heals for him and knows her heart belongs on land. So what does she do? Ariel strikes a bargain with the evil sea witch Ursula to trade her fins for human legs in exchange for her lovely voice. However, what Ariel doesn’t know, is Ursula has her own plans for Ariel she wants to get revenge on her father.

Backdrops That Can Bring the Fall Show to Life

Let’s take a look at what backdrops can help you create this world both undersea and on land.

Let your audience be part of your stage production’s marine world with this beautiful Undersea Castle backdrop. This stage backdrop features a magnificent golden palace that glistens in the midst of an undersea world awash with the colors of life. In the foreground, there is a vibrant coral reef that is teeming with fish and sea stars. In the distance, rock formations and ruins of old structures can also be seen silhouetted against the light.

ES7706 Undersea Castle 1

Our beautiful Ariel’s Grotto stage backdrop is specially made for the scene in, The Little Mermaid, in which the curious mermaid princess longs for the joys of the human domain and sings Part of That World.

The backdrop features a variety of human artifacts collected by Ariel, a motley collection of gadgets, gizmos, and thingamabobs. These include vases, barrels, balls, a guitar, a globe, a teddy bear, a mirror, a clock, a teakettle, and who can forget the fork. They are set in rock formations that act as shelves inside the grotto. In the foreground, corals and sea plants can be seen.

Ariel's Grotto

Bring your audience to the undersea world of the villainess Ursula with this background panel. Ursula’s Lair is specially made for theatrical productions of The Little Mermaid and depicts the home of the she-octopus baddie from the beloved Disney movie version of the Danish fairy tale.

Ursula lives in the skeletal cavity of a gigantic marine creature that has long been dead. The purple-colored lair is illuminated from the inside by glowing lights. To the right side of the entrance, the sea witch’s mirror and vanity can be seen. Clams and seaweeds are also visible in the foreground. Bubbles and cloud-like material from hydrothermal vents can also be seen billowing from the ground.

Ursula's Lair

Have an easy time depicting a picture-perfect kingdom by the shore by using our Castle by the Beach as your stage backdrop. This whimsical panel will make a great addition to the family-friendly show, The Little Mermaid. This hand-painted backing depicts a quiet cove with blue waters, a shell-strewn beach, and a verdant cliff.

The focal point of the image is a picture perfect pink castle that occupies the space between the water and the cliff. The castle has a big door and numerous turrets, some of which are flying red flags. This castle is just right for Prince Eric and Princess Ariel.

The Perfect Backdrop for your Fall Show

Grosh Backdrops offers hand-painted backdrops that set the scene for hundreds of shows.

You can search any show through our Grosh website.  Whether you choose Addams Family, Shrek, Aladdin or to become a part of the world of  The Little Mermaid know Grosh Backdrops will always have the perfect backdrop to set the stage for your show. We can’t wait to hear where your heart takes you this fall!!

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