Ariel's Grotto

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22'h x 50'w $450.00 ES8026
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Any Little Mermaid stage needs the right set-up for one of the most iconic moments in the story. Ariel singing Part of Your World in the dimly-lighted cave is an endearing and unforgettable moment, make it justice with the Ariel Grotto backdrop. The panel features a variety of human artifacts collected by the beautiful princess. Vases, instruments, barrels, a globe, a clock, among many others! These are neatly organized in rock formations that act as shelves for the artifacts. In the foreground, rocky columns rame the scenery, adorned with corals, seaweed, and sea stars.  Add something special and unique to your stage, and turn it into a memorable experience. Get in touch with Grosh Rentals today, rent our stunning backdrop, and let your creativity run wild.