Babes in Toyland

Explore Grosh Backdrops and Draperys online gallery and find backdrops that truly capture the classic look of Toyland. Our collection for the title Babes in Toyland includes stylized factory interiors, forests, and a colorful village. See which of these backdrop designs best fit your production. Babes in Toyland has taken many forms and has seen different versions throughout the years. It began as a popular operetta by Victor Herbert in 1903 before being adapted into a film starring Laurel and Hardy in 1933. It also had three TV adaptations before finally being turned into a Technicolor Walt Disney musical film in 1961. The operetta brought together various characters from Mother Goose nursery rhymes, while the toy soldiers shown in the movie eventually made it into Disneys theme park Christmas parades. Among the familiar characters in this musical are Toy Piper, Mary Contrary, Boy Blue, Mother Goose, Bo Peep, Simple Simon, and Jack Be Nimble. The plot opens with Mary Contrary and Tom Piper about to be married. The villain of the story, Barnaby, hires people to take Tom out of the scene. Barnaby also deprives Mary of her sheep and makes her desolate enough to consider marrying him. Aside from the characters in Toyland, some versions of this tale also feature children from the real world who have run away from their strict parents or have an evil uncle who is also named Barnaby. Order stage backdrops for Babes in Toyland by browsing Groshs online gallery and giving us a call today. You may contact us by dialing 877-363-7998 or leaving a message through contact page. Our company can have your order shipped to any address in the US.