Thrill your audience with a delightful performance of the 1984 classic musical drama Footloose. Create the perfect stage for your dance sequences the help of Grosh Backdrops and Draperys exciting collection of beautifully painted and printed stage backdrops made especially for this title.

We have a wide selection of backdrops depicting scenes from the musical, including the suburban streets and the high school in the town of Bomont, where much of the musical is set. For the school scenes, we have backdrops portraying the high school building faade, a football field, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, and the schools hallways. We also have courthouse and courtroom backdrops for the scenes involving the conservative city council, which is responsible for the legal ban on dancing and rock music.

Other backdrop designs include those depicting a cornfield, a diner, a dance hall, a street alley with graffiti, a tenement building, desert landscapes, daytime and sunset skies, and stylized music-themed backdrops.

A modern tale of repression and rebellion, Footloose tells of a teenager who moves to a small Midwestern town. Ren McCormack, whose family came from Chicago, experiences culture shock to the extreme when he finds out that the town of Bomont has been repressed for years by conservative minister Shaw Moore and the city council, which has passed a law banning dancing and rock music.

Ren falls in love with the ministers daughter, Arielle Moore, who ends up supporting the city slicker in his quest to put an end to the senseless ordinance and to rejuvenate the long-stifled musical soul of the townsfolk.

First screening in 1984, Footloose starred Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, Dianne Wiest, and John Lithgow. It is the origin of the now iconic songs Footloose and Lets Hear It for the Boy, as well as other popular tracks like Almost Paradise.

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