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Mary Poppins Is Back on the Stage and Grosh Is Ready

Table of Contents

Looking for backdrops that are practically perfect for your production of Mary Poppins?

Look no further! Grosh has all the right backdrops to bring a spoonful of wonder to your stage!

Chaos descends on Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane as the Banks family’s latest nanny quits in a rage. George and Winifred are at their wits end with their children Jane and Michael and are desperate for a new nanny to watch the children. The children decide to take matters into their own hands and design an advertisement for a new nanny, but George tosses the children’s work into the fireplace.

Within seconds Mary Poppins appears on their doorstep, qualified and ready to look after Jane and Michael. Her first order of business is to take the children to the park where they meet Bert who helps Mary teach them that they should never judge a book by its cover. Bert, along with park statues that Mary brings to life, teach the children that one must look past appearances to the person inside.

Mary then takes the children to visit their father at work at the bank. George is deciding which client to invest in: a rich man with a wild, money-making scheme, or a middle-class man hoping to begin work on a factory project. When Jane asks her father if a good man or a good idea is more important, he decides to accept the factory project.

As the children and Mary head home from the bank, meeting the Bird Woman and the owner of a magic sweet shop that sells words, George is reprimanded by the bank for his decision, being suspended without pay. George takes his frustration out on the children who in turn act out, forcing Mary to leave.

When Winifred hires Miss Andrew, George’s old, monstrous nanny to take over, George and the children flee. Jane and Michael find Bert in the park who cheers them up with kite flying lessons when suddenly Mary Poppins reappears to take the children home! Mary helps the children rid the family of Miss Andrews in time to take the children to the bank where George and Winifred are meeting with the Bank Chairman.

The Chairman informs George that his decision led to great success for him and the bank and, with persuasion from Winifred, the Chairman agrees to raise George’s salary. Reunited and happy in Number 17, the family bid farewell to Mary Poppins, thanking her for a job well done. 

Mary Poppins Is Back on the Stage and Grosh Is Ready Infographic

We first meet the Banks family and Mary Poppins at charming Number 17 on Cherry Tree Lane. Introduce your audience to the family with our Cherry Tree Lane backdrop. Featuring a full view of the street with Number 17 at the forefront, this backdrop gives audiences a full view of the world they’re about to venture through. Then bring your audience inside the family home with our Ornate Palace Interior or Paneled Room backdrops.

These interior backdrops depicting the lavish parlors in the home are fantastic backdrops for numbers like “The Perfect Nanny”, “Practically Perfect”, and “A Spoonful of Sugar.” 

Cherry Tree Lane backdrop ES7965 2

You can’t have Mary Poppins without beautiful outdoor scenes. For numbers like “Jolly Holiday”, “Feed the Birds”, and “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”, take a look at our Park, Palatial Garden Fountain, and Park Road backdrops. While the Park and Park Road backdrops depict winding pathways and towering green trees to give a timeless upscale park feel, the Palatial Garden Fountain backdrop places an elegant fountain front and center beneath a canopy of leaves to set the scene for statues to come to life on stage! And of course we have the London Rooftops backdrop to bring your audience on top of the houses of London for Bert to sing and dance with his fellow chimney sweeps for Jane and Michael. 

S3253 Garden with Fountain scaled

But don’t stop there! Check out our Courthouse Exterior and Bank Interior backdrops for crucial moments with George and the children. The Bank Interior backdrop displays the grandeur of George’s place of work and helps to further emphasize the weight of George’s decision to choose a middle-class man’s idea over a rich client who fits the culture of the high society banking world. 

Bank Interior backdrop S3669

Let us help you put together a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious production of Mary Poppins with Grosh Backdrops! Chat with us today!

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