Courthouse Exterior

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22'h x 50'w $450.00 ES7759
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Give your audience the chance to witness the gripping trials of of law and order with Grosh Rental's Courthouse Exterior backdrop. This courthouse inspired backdrop fits perfectly in well-known productions that center on legal cases, such as Chicago, Music Manand Legally Blonde. Set the stage for a compelling battle of wits in and out of court by making use of this backdrop. It presents the exterior of a large courthouse and features concrete stairs and columns that reinforce the solemn atmosphere of the building. To soften the somber scene, vibrant green trees surround the imposing structure. This versatile courthouse backdrop can also substitute for an academic building like a high school or middle school, a university or college and even a local library. Call Grosh today or place your order online to reserve this theatrical backdrop for your show. Learn more about this piece by checking the availability form on this page. Our company delivers nationwide. Keywords: Theatrical backdrop, Chicago, Music Man, Mr. President, Lost in the Stars, exterior, 12 Angry Men, Legally Blonde, Miracle on 34th Street, building, courtroom, court, judge, trial, city hall, college, library, school