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Join the Dance with The Prom, the Musical!

Table of Contents

It’s Time to Dance with The Prom, the musical!

The story begins with four actors down on their luck: Dee Dee Allen, Barry Glickman, Trent Oliver, and Angie Dickinson.

Dee Dee and Barry are set to star in the new Broadway Musical Eleanor!: The Eleanor Roosevelt Story, but as they celebrate opening night, the two find out that the show is getting horrible reviews because they are believed to be too self-involved to understand the characters they play.

Desperate to fix their image, the two team up with Trent and Angie to take on a cause that will show the world just how selfless they are. A quick Twitter search leads them to Emma, a teenager in Indiana whose Prom was canceled because she wanted to bring another girl to the prom with her.

The four actors head to Indiana to help Emma have her prom. Despite the embarrassment that they cause to Emma and her partner Alyssa upon arrival, Dee Dee, Barry, Trent and Angie perform at a halftime show at a monster truck rally to raise awareness about Emma’s situation.

While their efforts lead to the school being forced to hold a prom, when Emma arrives at the prom, she discovers that another, secret prom is being held across town, devastating Emma. Trent takes matters into his own hands to garner town and student support. He uses his small-town upbringing to show students how everyone breaks the word of the bible every day, but what they can do is Love Thy Neighbor.

Meanwhile, Emma has a plan of her own to help change the narrative and expand their public outreach. She posts a video of herself singing a song about her identity, her struggles, and her longing for acceptance that goes viral, garnering support from members of the LGBTQ+ community across the country. The nationwide support forces the school to reconsider their decisions about the prom and, with the help of a $10,000 donation from Dee Dee, the school can put on a more inclusive prom, for Emma and Alyssa, and all the students at the school. 

Join the Dance with The Prom the Musical 1

Taking place in New York and small-town Indiana, The Prom shows the stark differences between life for Emma and for the four actors. Set the stage for the opening of the show in New York city with our Daytime New York street or Nighttime Broadway backdrops. The Nighttime Broadway backdrop brings the hustle and bustle of New York night life to the stage for numbers like “Changing Lives”. Then, bring your audience to small-town Indiana with our Small Town Street 1 or Small Town Street 2 backdrops. Both backdrops feature the classic mom and pop shop lined streets of small towns to highlight how new the world the four actors are stepping into is. 

Broadway 2 backdrop S3649

Broadway backdrop ES1461

What’s a high school prom without the school to host it in? Our School Hallway and Library backdrops bring James Madison High School to your stage for numbers like “Just Breathe” and “You Happened”. And of course we’ve got you covered for the room where it happens, check out our Indoor Gymnasium backdrop for a classic high school prom feel for the end of Act 1 as Emma discovers she’s been sent to a fake prom. 

ES7820 Hallway with Lockers scaled

ES7248 Hallway with Lockers 2 scaled

To bring your whole audience into the prom with the characters, try a classic prom backdrop to make the whole stage your dance floor! There are so many prom themes to choose from like the Black Star Applique backdrop, the 60’s Retro Flowers backdrop, or even an Art Deco backdrop! Any of these stunning backdrops paired with lights, and sets or even on their own, will make the audience feel like they’re back at their own high school prom as the characters make their way to getting their happy ending.  

60s Retro backdrop S23841

Grosh has all the backdrops you need to bring The Prom to your stage. Let’s get started today! 

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