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Grosh Cares – Grants for the Performing Arts 2019

Table of Contents

Grosh Backdrops & Projections steps up its commitment to help the performing arts in schools, theater and dance to overcome budgetary challenges through the launch of its new “Grosh Cares” grants program.

Grants for the Performing Arts

Hollywood-based Grosh, well known for its large stage and theater backdrops, drapery and projections, will award three grants this year, said Amanda Uhlein, Grosh Backdrops & Drapery president. “All schools, theaters and dance companies are invited to apply.”

The inaugural Grosh Cares grants will total nearly $5,000.

To enter, just fill out the simple online form.

Submit a minimum of three images or videos showing your use of scenery in your performances or recitals, and include two-to-three paragraphs about your goals and how you hope to use your grant funds. All entries are due by midnight May 1, 2019.

Admiral theatre

“Have fun showcasing your students and your special creativity in using all forms of scenery, lighting and backgrounds,” said Uhlein. “When we announce the winners on September 12, we will explain what qualities made them the best of the best. The criteria are creativity, visual impact, and how the funds will make a difference.”

After the grant awards are announced, “Grosh Cares” will reach out to all of the applicants who are not selected to clarify any questions or concerns.

“We have some fun ideas for ‘consolation prizes,’ but, we don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet,” said Uhlein.

Grosh, she added, plans to learn from the inaugural “Grosh Cares” program and improve upon it in the future.

Grosh’s Tradition

Since 1932, Grosh has a tradition of providing financial and in-kind support to its colleagues and customers in schools, theater and dance. The “Grosh Cares” program came about as a result of a long trip home from a state high school choir competition. The Grosh sales manager was driving back with a few members of the choir including her daughter and teacher.

Uhlein said they were excited they advanced to the national level. Then they began to worry about how to raise money so the choir could attend the out-of-state competition.

Grosh Cares – Grants for the Performing Arts 2019 1

“This just reminded us of the critical need for fund raising, and our passion and commitment to be a ‘go-to’ provider for the performing arts,” said Uhlein. “So, we started cooking up ‘Grosh Cares.’”