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An Ode to the Movies

Table of Contents

Just recently, Grosh attended an event sponsored by the Hollywood Reporter, an exhibit at the Hollywood Museum which highlighted this year’s Academy Award nominees.  Displays for Moneyball, Hugo, The Help and many others were interspersed among other collectables, costumes and memorabilia from some of the most influential films in Hollywood history. It was a great showcase and it inspired us to take a look back at our own history with the Oscars.

Grosh Sons1

Every year, the Academy redesigns its image as it celebrates another successful year of great movies. This includes a bigger and better stage, which is unveiled during the live airing of the show.

29thacademy2In 1957, the 29th Annual Academy Awards focused on international diversity (as depicted on the program cover to the left) with such actors and actresses as Yul Brynner, Anna Magnani, and Miyoshi Umeki being applauded for their acclaimed performances.  Miyoshi Umeki won Best Supporting Actress for her role in SayonaraAround the World in 80 Days won best picture and Yul Brynner was awarded Best Actor for his lead in the film, The King and I.

Behind host Jerry Lewis, you will see the intricate stage structure created by R.L. Grosh & Son’s, made to mimic a film reel that travels around the globe and wraps around the iconic Oscar statue.  It has been confirmed by the Academy that Grosh did collaborate with Hollywood Sound and Lighting Company to produce this beautiful background for the RKO Pantages Theater where the award show was then held.

Now the Academy will gather again, for the 84th year!  The award ceremony has come a long way, but it hasn’t lost its glamour.  The 29th annual award show celebrated some of the greatest celebrity happenings of 1956, and it was also a monumental year for Grosh, as we began to develop our reputation in Hollywood.

(Watch Yul Brynner accept his award.)




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