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Grosh Backdrops is California’s Gold!

Table of Contents

Oh wow, that’s a-ma-zing!  Was pretty much the response when Huell Howser stopped by Grosh a couple weeks ago unannounced and said that he would like to feature Grosh in an episode of California’s Gold.  As promised, he came in the following Tuesday, just him and his camera man, and filmed the spot.  After filming wrapped he took pictures with the staff and even sent Grosh an autograph picture which is now proudly displayed on our fridge!

Grosh Scenic Rentals will be on California’s Gold Thursday, April 1st and May 4th at 7:30pm on KCET.

huell howser amanda and bob1

On behalf of the entire Grosh family, thank you Huell!  We are huge fans of yours and yes…that is 50 Cent in the background!

huell howser and grosh family


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