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Top 10 places to visit while in Hollywood!

Table of Contents

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Meet Grosh’s Senior Backdrop Consultant Carrie John’s:

One of the main reasons why I have been at Grosh for 18 years is that I love being a part of one the most unique, family owned scenic studios in Hollywood, California. I enjoy my job and thoroughly enjoy our customers! One of my most profound memories is working with the late, great Photographer, Herb Ritts and hanging out with Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in our lobby. Hollywood is such an amazing place to live and if you are ever in our neck of the woods here are my top 10 Landmark suggestions to visit:

1.) The Magic Castle

I went to the Magic Castle for the first time 2 years ago
when my brother performed in the main showroom.
The magicians at the Castle are dedicated to preserving the ancient art of magic and the talent is comprised of the top magicians from around the globe.
Tip: You need be invited by a Magic Castle Member.

2.) Pink’s Hotdogs

The is my favorite late night stop when I’m painting the town red in
Hollywood. My favorite hotdog is the Rosie O’Donnell Long Island Dog.
Tip: They only accept cash!

3.) The El Capitan Theatre
This Theatre’s interior is breathtaking and if you are in town you must go see a movie here! El Capitan is situated in the center of Hollywood Blvd and is considered “Hollywood’s first home of spoken drama”.
Fun fact: Real Estate mogul, Charles Toberman and Sid Grauman had a vision of Hollywood being a thriving theater district so together they developed three theatres, all with different themes: The The EgyptianChinese and El Capitan.

4.) Greek Theatre
This is my favorite outdoor theater! I’ve seen Journey
and Peter Frampton at this venue and there is not a
bad seat in the house. There is a reason why it has won the Best Small Outdoor Venue award 5 out of the last 6 years!
Tip: Bring a jacket! The Greek lies nestled in the hills of Griffith Park and can get chilly…or at least as chilly as southern Los Angeles can get.

5.) Griffith Park
The largest park in Los Angeles is full of adventures within itself. You can
hike, bike, jog, golf, play tennis, soccer, ride the famous merry-go-round and go horseback riding just to name a few! This is where I like to go to escape from the city.

6.) Canter’s Deli
What can I say, they have the best pastrami
sandwiches in town, not to mention a slew of celebrity sightings!

7.) The Grove
Covered with celebrity sighting from Steven Tyler, to Victoria Beckham, Winona Ryder, Dave Navarro, Nicole Richie: This is the place to go to get your celebrity fix! You can shop, dine at the original farmers market, watch the choreographed fountains, take in a free outdoor concert or partake in a movie. I like the trolley ride myself.

8.) The Original Pantry Café
There is no such thing as small servings at this Café. Be very
hungry when visiting this establishment. My favorite is
the top sirloin.
Fun fact: The Pantry’s current owner is former Mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan.

9.) Hollywood Farmers’ Market
Every Sunday, between 8am-1pm between Ivar and Selma Ave is the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. This is the place to go for fresh local produce, boutique shopping, wide variety of hot cuisines cooked right in front of you, live eclectic street music and some of the best people watching in town. Also great for celebrity sightings.

10. ) Grosh Scenic Rentals
Last but not least, the unique scenic rental studio in Hollywood. We have been around for over 75yrs! Our backdrops can be seen in a countless numbers of movies, television shows, commercials, award shows, music videos and some of my favorite theatrical plays put on by high schools. If you are ever in town feel free to stop by for a tour. Our door is always open!
Fun facts: 25 Random Things about Grosh Backdrops and Drapery: You’ll be surprised by what you learn!


~Guest blog by Carrie Johns


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