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Spotlight on 2019 : Trending Musicals of 2019

Table of Contents

I see you 2019 and I like where you’re going with it!

The New Year is in full force now and it’s time to commence planning for our upcoming performances. Now I know what you all are thinking! NOOOO!! Our holiday events just happened! I don’t want to start thinking about it yet! I hear and feel you. What makes us all weary of getting back into planning for future events and performances is that “staring at a blank page” feel… I can’t stand it either!

However, we are in luck this year because I have the skinny on the shows trending for 2019 and a few scenic ideas you might like for your events! So here is some research on hot shows for the upcoming year and it’s safe to say that we have a lot of fun musicals to choose from and how we can outfit them on stage.

Trending Musicals of 2019

Seussical the Musical

Let’s kick off this list with a more recent classic: Seussical the Musical and Seussical the Musical Jr!

This story delves into the life of a young boy and his whimsical adventures in the land of Seuss when he meets the rambunctious Cat in the Hat. Brought to life by the boys “Thinks,” The Cat in the Hat leads the boy to an unknown world, pushed right into his “thinks” and is now Jojo, the young son of the mayor of Whoville.

While here, he is seen as trouble by his new parents. As a result of his disobedience, and with the encouragement from the Cat in the Hat, he is sent off to military school where he befriends Horton the elephant who is also in trouble for hearing Whos that are not really there all the while trying to hatch an egg.

Seussical banner

To highlight the following scenes, we need the perfect quirky jungle to showcase Horton sitting on his egg or even while he is on trial for his “wrong-doings,” such as our Seussical backdrops. This particular drop helps set the colorful mood of the Dr. Seuss universe perfectly!! In addition to that drop, we also have another Seussical (I and II) drop that would allow you to transport the young boy from the human world to his new family with the over the top offbeat homes as seen in Seuss storybooks on your very own stage.


EXTRA!! EXTRA!! We have a latest monster show to hit Broadway! Newsies!

This new classic is a story based on the plight of the orphan newspaper boys of the early 1900s Brooklyn era and their violent struggle for fair wages, threatening to strike if their needs are not met. To capture the essence of the fight at hand, we must set the mood of this time with tenement buildings or any type of vintage New York themed street featuring authentic brownstone apartment buildings or tall buildings that are familiar to this period in time.

Also, to really dazzle your audience, you can rally with the children and spread the word of the “Newsies Banner” with a Newspaper backdrop along with a pair of Newspaper legs for depth.  With these key items, one can have your audience feel like they too are protesting for what is right.

Resize Newspaper backdrop ES8271 1

Shrek the Musical

Shrek the Musical (and Shrek the Musical Jr.) – Now we are all believers!!

Welcome to the fairytale freak show… well that seems to be the view of the evil Lord Farquaad who has banished all the fairytale creatures from the Kingdom of Duloc. This exciting tale begins with the introduction of Shrek who is asked to help his new story book friends regain access to their homes and, more importantly, his swamp!

Swamp backdrop ES7447

This fun musical adaptation of the movie Shrek has enchanted audiences everywhere and now you can do the same! With the proper backdrops, you can bring the most pivotal scenes to life right on your very own stage. In addition to the Kingdom of Duloc and the Swamp backdrops, some of the other scenes that are important to highlight in the telling of this story would be the torture of Gingy the Gingerbread man in a dark Dungeon setting as he is forced to reveal the whereabouts of his fellow Fairytale Creatures.

Dungeon Interior backdrop S0785 1

The next scene you can choose to elaborate on is the scene where Shrek is now back at home with his Swamp House and is missing Fiona. Here he argues with Donkey about his stubborn behavior and his true feelings for Fiona. It is here he realizes to get his head out of the swamp and needs to tell Fiona just how much he loves her and finally decides to make his move.

Shrek House

Into the Woods

Into the Woods – The land where the fairytales unite!

Into the Woods is a clever mash-up of several of the most well-known fairytales of all time. We see the likes of Cinderella and her desire to attend the King’s festival, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk who wishes for his cow to give milk but is forced to sell her, the Baker and his wife who long to have a child in their lives and Little Red Riding Hood who hopes the Baker feels up to making bread for her to take to her grandmother.

We see this colorful cast of fairytale all-stars set off on each of their own Grimm adventures into the woods and they see just how their stories intertwine.

Forest backdrop ES7914 4

For this particular show, we can obviously set the mood of their travels through the woods with a simple Forest backing and depending on the time of day or timeline of the plot, we can choose the best forest day or night backing to set the scene.

If the point in the story calls for a daytime and happier vibe, we can opt for items such as a nice spring time feel or spacious Forest Panel. Should the plot call for a more evening or serious mood, you can turn to the Dark Forest or backings that are more dense when it comes to tree coverage.

Dark Forest backdrop ES8101 1

For the indoor scenes, it’s important to try and capture the storybook and that Grimm fairytales touch by looking for backings that are more rural in appearance; with a home/Cottagelook that you would find in a Village off the beaten path. Or, maybe a rustic Tavern or Room Interior to really set off the fable like atmosphere and take your audience on a twisted and magical ride in the land of make believe.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia – Here we go again!!

Behold! The Queen of the Jukebox musicals! Based on the uber catchy songs of the band ABBA, this charming story took audiences by storm.

Mamma Mia takes place on the island of Kalokairi, one of the many picturesque Beach destinations of Greece; we have young Sophie excited about her fast approaching wedding. She, however, is sad at the fact that her father will not be present to walk her down the aisle, not only due to his absence in her life but because she is not sure about whom her father is!

Greece backdrop ES7363 1

She confronts her mother, Donna, in hopes to find out the truth but alas her mother is not sure about who her father is. Sophie had discovered her mother’s dairy with three possible fathers: Sam, Harry and Bill!!! So that she can find out which, Sophie, unbeknownst to her mother, sends all three invitations to her wedding under Donna’s name.

Once all her potential fathers figure out why they were invited to the wedding and each promise to walk her down the aisle. Alarmed and confused by all that is happening, Sophie flees to be with her thoughts and process the mess she has created. Ultimately, she realizes that maybe she should wait on the nuptials and take some time to sort her situation out.

Seeing that this play takes place on a very scenic location in the Mediterranean, one can do just about any Tropical Beach scene to give the essence of a paradise getaway. In order to capture the resort feel of Donna’s tavern, you can dress this scene up with a more Spanish style Hacienda or a building with a colorful exterior to give your audience the feel of an exotic travel destination.

Tropical Beach backdrop ES2175 1

As for the interior scenes, you can definitely lean toward backdrops that are more extravagant in look. For instance, to present the scenes of the Hen Party or of the wedding itself, you will need a more elegant venue for special events; a grand Parlor or Palace interior would make for a tasteful location for such proceedings.

This would allow you to set the perfect platform for your island wedding and all the crazy family shenanigans that would take place if you were to have such a predicament.

Palace Interior backdrop ES80394 2

So there you have it folks!! The productions of 2019 ready to set your stages a blaze with excitement and that are sure to spread enjoyment throughout your audiences. Not only that, we have an idea on how to dress your scenes with the right backdrops! Done and done I say!

Grosh will always have your back and are here to help with any inquires on the shows mentioned, or any show for that you have chosen.  But of course, you don’t have to take my word for it! Let your imagination run wild and create the scenes that will best fit you and your cast.

Spotlight on 2019 Trending Musicals of 2019 1

There is no time to waste!! The shows I mentioned are all the rage right now so act fast and get your scenes together ASAP! Here at Grosh, the backdrops for these particular shows are selling out rather quickly, both painted and digital, so now is the time…. GO GO GO!!

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