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A Perfect Summer Rustic Wedding

Table of Contents

Savory Cuisines says this summer’s wedding trends are moving towards the “more casual and less formal.” Many couples are hoping to create a wedding event that will allow their guests to celebrate with them within a more comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Caterers have seen a new trend take over in the last few years; the rustic wedding.  In the past, “rustic,” as a style, has been known to be unsophisticated, unpolished, and just plain rough.  However, those who are rural at heart know that there is something classy about the country and now others are catching on too and sharing their own DIY secrets.

The best part about planning a rustic wedding is the venue itself can require little maintenance and preparation. Some country weddings have made good use of barns and open cornfields as reception areas, and you would be surprised how beautifully and easily these spaces are transformed into something picture perfect. The goal is not to cover up the dirt and the lumber, but to make it look inviting.

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As a decorating tip, a wall hanging or a chiffon drape, for example, can add some simple elegance to large a drafty space.  As far as trendy summer colors are concerned, predicts these are the color combinations in season: Papaya and Olive, Red and Pool, Fuchsia and Navy, and Mustard, Black and White.  You can read more about these color inspirations here.

The best recommendation from caterers has been to keep the menu simple, yet unique, complimenting the venue and the couple’s shared experiences.  A good menu for a country wedding might include chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and S’mores for desert. One caterer, from Black Diamond Caterers, encourages couples not to skip the corn.  Chef Heidi offers this advice, “Your guests won’t mind using their fingers when it comes to sweet corn on the cob… trust me!  You can also tie it all together, and use corn during your cocktail hour, dessert, as guest favors, or even as a color inspiration.”  You can find more of her tips about incorporating corn into your wedding menu, here.

If you have decided on your location, and know your menu, but are stuck on decor, think about all the possibilities for utilizing your space. Fabrics and paintings can make for great space changers. Perhaps, a scenic backdrop that is sentimental to a couple’s travel plans can turn any reception into a destination wedding.  Like, a summer wedding in the vineyards of France, in your own backyard? Why, that sounds wonderful.

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