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Mary Poppins the Musical

Table of Contents

The wonderful Mary Poppins has made a triumphant return on Broadway and the big screen. People have once again fallen in love with this sassy nanny and are ready to welcome her back around the globe. With the success of Mary Poppins Returns in theaters now, there has been a wave of excited fans and theater buffs just waiting to get their hands on the rights to recreate this whimsical production on their very own stages.

Mary Poppins

However, for a production as grand as this, you need to go all out! If you really want to enchant your audience, you need to make sure you have the perfect set to bring that magic to life. You’ve come to the right place my friends, I’m about to give you a rundown of the integral scenes of this musical and ways in which you can dress them up for a winning Mary Poppins performance, featuring many scenes that are sure to bring a lot of whimsy to your event.

Backdrops You Can Feature in Your Mary Poppins

This happy go lucky story is about a family on Cherry Tree Lane with two naughty children who are just too out of control for their parents, who are dysfunctional in their own way, to handle; chasing out nanny after nanny with their bad behavior. As a result, the children decide to put out an advertisement for the best nanny ever; one that would fit their needs and wishes.

That’s when Mary Poppins appears, flying over the tiny European Streets of London and to the place she is needed, to bring structure and teach the children the basics on how to be proper little people.  In addition to the children, Mary Poppins ends up helping Mr. and Mrs. Banks, helping them to realize the importance of ethics and being an honest person.

Cherry Tree Lane backdrop ES7966 3

ES7863 European Street 3

Let’s begin with the opening scene when Mary comes to town. The best way to Mary’s introduction would be a London Skyline. This backing would allow Mary to enter the scene on a grand scale and show that she is coming to save the day.

London Skyline backdrop ES7625 1

Next, many of the scenes of this musical tend to take place within the house on Cherry Tree Lane in a Victorian Parlor, for the exchange between Mr. and Mrs. Banks and the children. Also, to highlight the scenes with just the children or the children and Mary, we want to lean more towards a play room or Children’s Bedroom for those heart to heart moments and when a spoon full of sugar can help the medicine go down.

Resize Victorian Parlor backdrop S18493 1

Darlings Children's Bedroom

Third, to highlight the pivotal moments of Mr. Banks and the fight for his integrity, a Bank Interior is the perfect backdrop to get that business feel and that would best emphasize the pressure and personal tug-o-war he faces.

Bank Interior backdrop ES8038 2

Now for the outside activities, in the story, we see Mary Poppins take the children out for a walks from time to time or, when the angry new nanny comes to town, as kite flying getaway with their friend Bert at the park. The perfect Park, Springtime or Daytime Park Landscape could really help set off the magic of this scene and of the various other scenes when Mary Poppins and the children are taking a stroll through town.

Daytime Park Landscape

And finally, we have the epic and most beloved scenes of all time where Bert and his friends dance the evening away along the London Rooftops. Set up the sensational duet, and lesson for the children, with the perfect rooftop stage before Mary Poppins makes her quick exit from the family. Or, you can also use the London Rooftops like this when Bert introduces the children to his friends and chimney sweeps. Get those introductions off on the right step with this ideal scenic backing.

Mary Poppins the Musical 1

Voila!! Now your musical is set! The most perfect scenic backdrops to create the most perfect Mary Poppins performance. As we can see, a Mary Poppins production is certainly not for the timid when it comes to building your set for there are numerous scenes and ballads we have to take into consideration in order to make things just right on stage so let your imagination roam wild!

With so much magic on your side, the only direction your event can go is up. To showcase any of these scenes will definitely make for a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious great time for your next special event.

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