A good celebration always needs to feel and look complete. Everything should be taken into consideration, from the food that will be served to the music that will be played during the actual event. But if you really want to make a huge impression during your occasion, it would be a great idea to use festively themed backdrops. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery offers a collection of festive backdrops with different designs, including those depicting New Years Eve in New York City, New Orleans Bourbon Street Mardi Gras, the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval, and many more. Be sure to check the availability of these products by using the search form on this page. For easy and quick transactions and inquiries, you can order online or get in touch by calling 877-363-7998. You may also reach us through our contact page. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery has offices in Los Angeles, California and Evansville, Indiana. We ship to all customers nationwide. Interested in a Projected Backdrop?