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Grosh Backdrops and Drapery helps you tie the knot!

Table of Contents

S2746-Garden with Wall BackdropS2746-Garden with Wall Backdrop

A wedding planner came to visit me last month to take a look at a painted Wedding Chapel backdrop. I assumed that she would be using this item for a theatrical production; however I was only half correct. She explained that her plan was to use this as a backdrop scene for an actual wedding that was to take place in an old downtown city theater where a couple had their first date and now wished to exchange wedding vows.

The very next day I received a call from another one of my clients who happens to be an event planner specializing in luxury weddings. He reserved one of our Opalescent White Austrian Puff drapes. His intention was to use the drapery panel to line the walls of agrand ballroom where his clients’ extravagant wedding reception will be held. He also planned to have the lights change colors throughout the evening, which would give a dramatic effect during the celebration. I received a call from him two weeks after the event took place and he told me that the bride and groom were both so pleased with the room setup and absolutely loved how the drape softened the feeling of the room.
Weddings can be very imaginative when you use a themed backdrop or beautiful drape to help set the scene. Backdrops can accent the floral designs and centerpieces around reception halls by highlighting the hues, color coordinating with the bridesmaids’ dresses, covering up unsightly walls, as a background for your catering station, or simply provide the classical clean look of a garden wedding.

Since being a sales consultant at Grosh Scenic Rentals I have seen backdrops and drapery used in just about any location. It never fails to excite me when I learn of a special event that uses our items in a new and creative fashion. From private events and weddings to nationwide television shows, there always seems to be a place for a Grosh item.

~Guest Blogger
Ohmar, Grosh Backdrop Consultant


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