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Virtual Word of Mouth Brings the BBC to Grosh Backdrops!

Table of Contents

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On Aug 30th, I posted a blog about 25 Fun and Random Things about Grosh Backdrops and Drapery in hopes of engaging our friendsfans and followers. I wanted everyone to know that Grosh is more than just a scenic rental company. We are a family, a fun company with a rich history and a lot to offer.

When I was researching the history of Grosh Scenic Rentals and compiling interesting facts for my blog, I had no clue that someone across the Pacific Ocean at the BBC was doing the same. Modern Masters is a four part series of the most influential artists of our time. The BBC series makes the claim that Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Warhol are indeed “Modern Masters” and explores in depth their life stories and legacies.

This is where Grosh Backdrops comes into the picture. Part two of the “Modern Masters” series focuses on Dali’s long lasting legacy in film, specifically the dream sequence in Spellbound. Fact #6 and 7 in my blog states that Grosh once owned a few backdrops designed by Salvador Dali, one backdrop in particular (desert scene) was designed specifically for the dream sequence in the movie Spellbound. By virtual word of mouth, someone that read our blog knew someone at the BBC was doing a historical piece on the most notable artists of our time and introduced them to Grosh Scenic Rentals.

This past week Grosh welcomed the BBC into our Hollywood location where they taped the Salvador Dali segment of their documentary. Our Fantasy Staircase backdrop hangs proudly in the background while one of our scenic painters is interviewed. In another area of our studio the movie Spellbound is being projected against the wall while one of Hollywood’s acclaimed directors is reviewing it.

Whether its a scenic drop that was produced in the 1940′s for one of the most well recognized films in cinema history or our talented in house team creating items for the popular school musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Grosh has had a hand in it. We offer the experience, quality and history necessary to make your event, performance or production a huge hit! Special thanks to the BBC for letting us be a part of your project!

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