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A Blank Wall = Endless Possibilities

Table of Contents

Whether you like the challenge of creating from a blank canvas or not, creating a pleasing environment in a room without any décor at all or the wrong décor requires work and planning.

Here is something to consider, start with the largest space in the room and work backwards to the smallest area. If there is one large wall to work with, consider setting the mood with a backdrop and some lighting.

Are you wondering how you will hang a backdrop on the wall? In the past, this was something to worry about but those days are over. Grosh has created a revolutionary way to hang a backdrop. Using the Backdrop LIFT, you can set up a backdrop in less than 15 minutes with two people! There are no heavy pieces and no additional equipment is required.

Take a look at this video for more information.

Are you staring at a blank wall? Do you see the endless possibilities now? For inspiration, take a look at rental backdrops in Grosh’s inventory here.

Also, don’t forget about Grosh’s custom department for endless possibilities and beyond!!

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