Bye Bye Birdie

Set the stage for the final performance of the character Conrad Birdie in the musical Bye Bye Birdie. Grosh Backdrops and Draperys collection of stage backgrounds will help you take your audience from the glitz and glamour of a TV studio to the lively town of Sweet Apple, Ohio. Browse our online gallery and take your pick. Our selection of stage backdrops for Bye Bye Birdie includes panels with travel-inspired themes to help you portray the different settings used in the musical. In addition to backdrops with depictions of city and town streets and various transportation terminals, we also have designs that portray a high school building. Albert and Rosie, the lead characters of this comedic musical, are both facing a big problem: Conrad Birdie, the rock-and-roll star Albert manages, is now being conscripted to the army. In a last-ditch publicity effort for the star, the couple plan to have Conrad sing and give his last kiss to a lucky girl on a live broadcast of the popular Ed Sullivan Show. Despite their meticulous planning, Albert and Rosie still face a lot of hurdles. The first of which involves the lucky girl, Kim McAfee, and her budding relationship with fellow teenager Hugo Peabody. Bye Bye Birdie, which premiered on Broadway in 1960, was inspired by the phenomenon of Elvis Presley. The character name of Conrad Birdie, on the other hand, was taken from Conway Twitty, an early rival of Elvis. The musical bagged several Tony Awards on its initial run and received many positive reviews. The production also had a US tour and inspired a few film adaptations. Take your audience along Albert and Rosies long-winding journey to finding a love that lasts by using stage backdrop designs by Grosh. Begin your search by using the form on this page or by giving us a call at 877-363-7998. You can also leave us a message through our contact page. Our backdrop rental company is based in Los Angeles, California and Evansville, Indiana. We ship to any address in the U.S.