Conservatory Garden

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17'h x 40'w $225.00 ES2170
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The Conservatory Garden backdrop from Grosh Rentals features a beautiful solarium type of garden with a glass interior framed in white columns that offer a view of the garden exterior. Six large potted plants and several ferns flank the entrance to the garden, which takes you out to a water fountain and mountains in the distance. This versatile theater backdrop can be used for many titles, especially those set in mansions or summer homes. Among the numerous theatrical productions that can benefit from this product are Addams FamilyBye Bye BirdieCinderella and My Fair Lady. Get this interior backdrop for your next production. Call us for more information and our sales team can help you place your order. Keyword: backdrop, theatrical backdrop, ballroom, interior, living room, study, library, summer house, stylized interior, garden, green house, solarium, Addams Family, Bye Bye Birdie, Cinderella, Funny Girl, Hello Dolly, Mame, Mamma Mia, My Fair Lady, Oliver, Once Upon a Mattress, The Great Gatsby