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Will Your Rented Backdrops Pass a Fire Marshal Test?

Table of Contents

Grosh’s Backdrops Do.

When backdrops and drapery are being used in a public space (theater, auditorium, school, convention hall, etc.), it is the responsibility of the user of the backdrops to ensure the safety of attendees. This includes fire safety, specifically that all items are flame retardant. While actual fires are rare, another risk to avoid is an inspection by your local fire marshal who forbids use of your backdrop or drape if it is not properly certified. Rest assured that Grosh Backdrops and Drapery sets the industry standard for fire safety.


Grosh is licensed by the California State Fire Marshal as a certified General Applicator of flame retardant. All of our drops and drapery are certified with the highest safety rating possible and are tested and registered with the State Fire Marshal. Our drops meet NFPA 701 testing as well as the stricter fire codes for the state of California. While each state has its own codes and standards, the strict requirements for a CA certificate make it generally accepted throughout the US.

Renting and Liability

When you want to rent backdrop or drape, make sure each item is treated by a licensed applicator and registered with the Fire Marshal. There is no guarantee inventory has been treated properly and meets safety codes unless the items have been registered with the State. As the end user, you are liable for fire safety and having a properly treated drop ensures your safety as well as the safety of all in attendance.

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