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Prom Themes: Night of all Nights!

Table of Contents

Getting ready for the night of all nights?

Find everything you need for Prom night right here with Grosh Backdrops!  No matter what theme, the right backdrop can make any Prom night magical.


Make your guests the stars of the show with a Night in Hollywood!

Roll out the red carpet alongside our Red Carpet CityScape backdrop and allow your guests to walk the red carpet on their special night. This is the perfect backdrop for dazzling photos that will make your guests feel like superstars. Once inside the venue, keep the Hollywood lights sparkling with the Hollywood Paparazzi backdrop or the Hollywood with Stars backdrop. Either of these will take your red carpet event to the next level, bringing the glitz and glam of a Night in Hollywood to your venue.

Red Carpet Cityscape backdrop S3489

Resize Hollywood Paparazzi backdrop ES8203 1

Hollywood with Stars backdrop S23711 1


Looking for a classic, elegant backdrop for your Roaring 20’s or Great Gatsby party?

Capture the extravagant artistry of the 20’s with the Art Deco backdrop. This glittering, golden artwork is the perfect backdrop to bring photos to life, or to accentuate the stage for a musical guest at your event. Want to bring the class and elegance of the roaring 20’s? How about you check out the Fan Art Deco Backdrop, this backdrop will take you back to the flapper era! If you’re hoping to capture the jazzy ambience of the 20s, light up the dance floor with the Jazz Club Interior backdrop. This backdrop will set the mood of the evening and get guests up and dancing the night away!

Resize Art Deco backdrop S3616 1

Jazz Club Interior backdrop S3212 1

“You can never go wrong with subtle romance”


Design an event that evokes romance and reminiscence with A Night Under the Stars.

There’s something about the way stars light up the sky that sparks comfort and wonder in our hearts. Capture this feeling with the Night Sky backdrop. No matter where this backdrop is displayed in your venue, it will get heads turning. Framed with twinkling lights, this is the perfect piece to bring the stars into your venue.

If you’re looking for something to expand the space and add depth to your theme, the Night Tropical Garden is the backdrop for you. The open columns give the illusion of a world beyond that will transform the space into a nighttime oasis. If you’re looking for simple elegance, the Blue Star Applique backdrop is a classic backdrop for photo opportunities or to set the stage for announcing the Prom court.

Night Sky backdrop S3475 1

Tropical Garden with Arches at Night backdrop S3422 1

Blue Star Applique backdrop ES7613 1


Up the Romance by transforming your venue into the most romantic city in the world, Paris! Qui n’aime pas la France?

It’s not a Night in Paris without the Eiffel Tower. With myriad Eiffel Tower backdrops to choose from at Grosh, you’ll find exactly what you need. Try the Paris Eiffel Tower backdrop which features the night sky nestled above a mountain scape with stars dancing alongside the brilliance of the Eiffel Tower at the center of the backdrop.

Couple the Eiffel Tower backdrop with the Night Park at Sunset or the Nighttime European Street backdrops to capture the feeling of exploring Paris at night.

Paris Eiffel Tower


Nighttime European Street

Paris at Night backdrop S3274 1


Don’t be afraid to try something new! What’s more fun than a Carnival theme?

Accentuate your theme with popcorn and cotton candy stations or fun carnival games to transform your venue. Set the scene with our Circus Big Top backdrop or Circus Tent Exterior. This backdrop features fun, bright colors perfect for an extravagant Prom theme. The Barnum Circus tent backdrop can be used to set a stage or to highlight exciting carnival games and food. You can even use our Red & While Striped drapery to set the scene!

If you’re looking for a backdrop to make photos really stand out, the Red Striped Sunburst backdrop is exactly what you’re looking for, guests won’t be able to resist stopping for photos in front of this bubbly backdrop. Couple it with a prop table and you got the perfect setup to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Circus Big Top

Circus Tent Exterior backdrop ES2150 1

Barnum Circus Tent

Resize Red Striped Sunburst backdrop ES8261 1

Prom is almost here!

Let us help you make it a night to remember with Grosh Backdrops.

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