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Set an exotic adventure for the musical Kismet with the help of specially designed backgrounds by Grosh Backdrops and Drapery. Go back in time with a selection of stage panels that highlight the majestic palaces and unique atmosphere of the Middle East of old days.

Our collection of panels for this musical has images of an Arabian marketplace, the exterior of a house showcasing Middle Eastern architecture, depictions of landscapes, and detailed tapestry. In addition, we also have drapes that will match your stage design. Browse our gallery today and find a piece that will fit your stage.

Kismet relates a tale of love and mistaken identities set in the busy center of old Baghdad. At the heart of this thrilling adventure is a cunning poet by the name of Hajj and his lovely daughter, Marsinah. Living in poverty, the two are forced to beg and steal until a series of lucky coincidences led them to find romantic prospects and better fortunes.

After making its debut on Broadway, the musical Kismet brought home the 1954 Tony Award for Best Musical. Staged right in the middle of a newspaper strike, the musical was advertised on TV and caught popular attention despite earning some unfavorable reviews. After Broadway, the theatrical production was brought to West End, inspired a movie, and was revived a few times.

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