Ornate Palace Interior Backdrop

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Item #ES8039
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Treat your audience to an elegant time by renting the Ornate Palace Interior from Grosh Backdrops for your next stage production or upscale event. This Ornate Palace Interior backdrop depicts a splendid room set in earthy colors and features three large, rounded windows with regal, purple drapes and green hills set in the background.

Use this theatrical backdrop for productions set in a palace or parlor where a princess can be found. This Ornate Palace Interior backdrop is recommended for a staging of any of the following works: The Little Mermaid, Nutcracker, Annie, Scrooge, Call Me Madam, Music Man, My Fair Lady, and many others.

Order this backdrop today by calling Grosh Backdrops and Drapery. You can also order online using the form on this page.

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