Opulent Red Parlor Interior

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22'h x 50'w $495.00 ES7935
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Grosh Backdrops Opulent Red Parlor Interior backdrop is used for a variety of stage production titles featuring scenes set inside mansions or palaces. . This theatrical backdrop showcases a spacious parlor inside an luxurious residence. Our scenic backdrop features a palatial parlor which has red swage, victorian drapery in the foreground. As you walk into the victorain style parlor you see large off white pillars on stage left and stage right. In the background is a marble fireplace with two Oval windows on either side. The oval windows are draped in the same red swag curtains.  Above the windows is crown molding that has a delicate bow like pattern done in white.  Around the pattern is red that matches the drapes.   Above the fireplace is a framed picture. On both sides of the fireplace are marble statues. This Opulent Red Parlor Interior is designed for many productions such as Nutcracker, A Christmas Carorl, Annie, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Anything Goes, Beauty and the Beast, Call me Madam, and many others. To rent this scenic backdrop please get in touch with our backdrop consultants and place an order today. You may also check availability and order directly online. This backdrop is specially designed to be used with matching stage legs ES7971, ES7972 and stage border ES7973 If you are looking for projections to enhance your show then take a look at Grosh Digital.