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Legally Blonde the Musical!

Legally Blonde the Musical!

Table of Contents

Omigod you guys! It’s time to get serious about Legally Blonde the Musical!

It’s an exciting day at the Delta Nu sorority house. Everyone’s favorite blonde sorority president, Elle Woods is getting proposed to by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III. Her sorority sisters help her pick out the perfect dress for her romantic dinner, something that will seal the deal. But when Elle finally gets to dinner with Warner, instead of popping the question he blindsides her with a breakup, telling her he needs to be with someone more serious when he goes to Harvard Law School.

Heartbroken, Elle decides that she’ll get Warner back by getting into Harvard too, proving she can be serious enough for him. With the help of her Delta Nu sisters, Elle studies for the LSAT and crafts a personal statement for the admissions board that details how love is her motivation.

Against all odds Elle receives her acceptance and heads off to Harvard where her classmates are less than welcoming. Despite the help of the student assistant Emmett Forrest, Elle finds herself getting kicked out of class by her professor, Callahan at the suggestion of Warner’s new girlfriend Vivienne. Elle tries to stay positive and fight for Warner but continues to run into obstacles.

When Warner proposes to Vivienne right in front of her everything seems hopeless until Elle sees that she’s gotten an internship position with her professor alongside Warner, Emmett, and Vivienne. Elle and the team take on Brooke Wyndham’s case. She’s been charged with murdering her husband!

During the trial, Brooke’s pool boy Nikos claims that they’ve been having an affair, but Elle sees through his lies, telling the team that she thinks he’s gay. After proving Nikos is lying, the team heads back to Callahan’s office to celebrate the win. Callahan forces himself on Elle and fires her when she doesn’t entertain his advances. Elle considers leaving Harvard for good until Vivienne convinces her to stay and Brooke fires Callahan and hires Elle. After proving Brooke’s innocence with her knowledge of hair maintenance, Elle goes on to become Valedictorian of her class and proposes to her boyfriend Emmett who enthusiastically accepts. 

Introduce your audience to the daughters of Delta Nu with our Sorority House Exterior backdrop. With towering pink columns, and large open windows, this bright pink backdrop depicts the Delta Nu sorority house in all its glory.

Sorority House Exterior backdrop S3360 1

Looking to show off Elle’s interior design skills? Take a look at our Pink Bedroom Interior and Pink Victorian Parlor Cut Door backdrops. These backdrops are the perfect way to set the tone of your show for numbers like “Omigod You Guys” and “What You Want”. 

Pink Bedroom Interior

Pink Victorian Parlor Cut Door

If you’re looking to bring the ivy-covered walls of Harvard Law to your stage we’ve got you covered. Our University backdrop brings pomp and prestige to every stage featuring grand stone steps leading up to an elegant brick building crawling with vines of ivy.


Then, get your stage outfitted for classes with our Wood Panel Interior and Library backdrops. These pieces are beautiful, especially paired with set pieces like desks, chairs, and chalkboards to bring the Harvard classroom to life on stage. 

Resize Wood Panel Interior backdrop ES8149 1

Library backdrop ES2443 1

Set the stage for Act Two with one of our Prison Interior backdrops! Ranging from standard, to colorful, to an older, more worn down depiction, there are plenty of options to help Brooke Wyndham and her clients dazzle the audience during “Whipped into Shape”!

Resize Prison Interior backdrop S3603 3

From there, get ready for the trial with our Courtroom Interior and Courtroom Interior Cut Opening backdrops. While the Courtroom Interior backdrop offers a standard solid background for stunning set pieces like council tables and a jury box, the Courtroom Interior Cut Opening backdrop features an opening in the middle of the drop that allows for dynamic movements on and off the stage. 

Courtroom Interior backdrop ES7295 1

Courthouse Interior with Cut Door backdrop S3466 1

With so many options to choose from you’ll have no problem getting your production whipped into shape with Grosh Backdrops!

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