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Ready for The Addams Family to Take the Stage!

Table of Contents

Fall is here, and we are ready for The Addams Family to take the stage!

After years of sticking to their ghoulish values the Addams are in for their scariest challenge yet.

Meet the Addams Family

Wednesday Addams is all grownup and has done the unthinkable by falling in love with a normal boy, Lucas Beineke who she’s invited to the Addams’ for dinner along with his parents. As she tortures her little brother Pugsley, Wednesday confesses that this new love is pulling her in a new, brighter direction. 

Meanwhile her parents, Morticia and Gomez worry about her change in demeanor wondering where they went wrong as their typically gloomy, stoic daughter becomes a sunny, bubbly girl they don’t quite recognize. Lucas and Wednesday beg their parents to act normal so the dinner will go as smoothly as possible, but the moment the Beineke’s enter the Addams family home the night descends into chaos. 

Gomez and Lucas’ father Mal share a drink while Morticia and Lucas’ mother Alice discuss Alice’s confession that her marriage has grown passionless. As the parents get to know each other Wednesday and Lucas discuss how to announce their marriage plans and Pugsley begins to worry that Wednesday’s new love will prevent her from torturing him anymore. 

To keep his sister to himself he devises a plan to slip a potion into her drink at dinner that will reveal her dark nature. But when the families finally sit down to dinner it’s Alice that unknowingly drinks Pugsley’s potion causing her to reveal to everyone at the table that she’s trapped in a loveless marriage. 

Her outburst causes the dinner to turn into madness, Mal attempts to leave the family, Wednesday and Lucas reveal their engagement and Uncle Fester calls upon the Addams family ancestors to create a vicious storm to combat the chaos at the dinner table. Trapped inside the Addams family home, doubt threatens to tear each couple apart as they try to unravel the mayhem of their not so normal night.

Ready for The Addams Family to Take the Stage min

Grosh and Addams Family

Graveyard Backdrops

We first meet the Addams Family, living, dead, and undecided, in the most dreadful section of their estate, the graveyard. Bring the final resting place of the Addams ancestors to your stage with the Full Moon Graveyard backdrop. This chilling backdrop depicts thick fog rolling through a black iron gate into the Addams’ vast graveyard as the full moon drenches the scene in an ominous blue light. Interested in a graveyard with extra space for the undecided? Try the Graveyard with Gate backdrop that puts the tombstones on display with a dark forest lurking at the edges of the yard. 

Graveyard with Gate Backdrop

Haunted House Backdrops

Looking for a perfectly frightening home for the Addams? Try the Haunted House backdrop to put the Addams’ macabre mansion on display for numbers like “One Normal Night”, “Happy/Sad”, and “Live Before We Die”. For a mansion fit with spooky decor and giant bats take a look at the Halloween Night backdrop. This haunting backdrop will have the Beineke’s shaking as they approach for their dinner with the Addams. 

Haunted House with Fence and Trees Backdrop

Haunted Interior Backdrops 

Unveil Morticia’s horrifying interior design skills with the Grand Staircase or Haunted Mansion Interior backdrops. These backdrops will set the stage for chilling numbers like “Pulled”, “Full Disclosure”, and “Waiting”. Nothing sets the tone for a dinner party with your future family-in-law like creaky chandeliers and spindly cobwebs lining the windows. 

Haunted Mansion Interior Backdrops for Addams Family  

Full disclosure, Grosh has the perfect backdrops for your frightening production of The Addams Family!

Order your backdrops today! 

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