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A Historical Tour of Grosh

Table of Contents

“I’m going to show you what we do here at Grosh … “ begins Eric Mueller as he opens the presentation of another tour group visiting our historic facility in Hollywood CA.  Grosh been here since 1932 and Eric is in his 38th year working here!

Tour of Grosh Backdrops Studio

Where Are Grosh Backdrops Used

“In the 1930’s (when we started) there were 8 studios that dominated the film industry…MGM, Paramount, United Artist, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Columbia and RKO…We’ve worked with all of them as well as the casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe and Atlantic City NJ.”

“Our backdrops can be seen in: I LOVE LUCY…DRAGNET…DEAN MARTIN/JERRY LEWIS PICTURES…HAWAII FIVE O…the movie The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Alfred Hitchcock movie “Spell Bound”… the list goes on.”

“Today you can see art work that was done here in the foyer of the Pacific Theatre at the Americana in Glendale, on the show Big Brother, Disneyland, and Wheel of Fortune.  The backdrops for Michael Jacksons Earth Tour were done here as well as backdrops for the road tours of other well-known singing artists.”

A Historical Tour of Grosh 1

“Some of the famous people who’ve been here: Laurel and Hardy, Debbie Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, Billy Crystal, Walt Disney, David Copperfield, Bonnie Raitt, Madonna, Salvador Dali, The band REM, Pauli Shore, the novelist: Clive Barker, Huell Houser.

“A photographer by the name of Scott Killeen with Peterson Publishing who’s associated with Peterson Automotive Museum used our Backdrops to photograph cars for “Hot Rod Magazine”. He displayed cars in front of our backdrops in tents at speedways, car shows and auctions.

A Historical Tour of Grosh 2

“This drop was made for the movie “Beetle Juice” it was the counselors office.  I showed this to you so that if you see the movie you can see how real they look on camera.

Bettlejuice Backdrop from Grosh
“Bettlejuice” Backdrop from Grosh – used in the classic film

As Eric begins to lead our guests through the facility, he cautions them: “Please keep in mind that we are a working facility…so watch where you step. There are air hoses, tacks and a razor blade or two on the floor.”  Eric continues as he walks: “Some of the music groups who have used our backdrops include: Guns and Roses, 50 Cent, Johnny Mathis, Jimmy Buffet, Rolling Stones, Trace Atkins, The Oak Ridge Boys, Lynyrd Skynard, Slayer, Alice Cooper, Boys to Men, Sublime, Foo Fighters, The Beach Boys.” Eric continues to walk and tell stories and point out the history and the current artistry that is Grosh Backdrops and Drapery.

Grosh Backdrop being painted
Munchkinland Backdrop being painted at Grosh


Working Paint frames of Grosh Backdrop for Sound of Music
Working Paint frames of Grosh Backdrop for Sound of Music


As you listen to Eric talk about the successes past and present you can tell he is bursting with pride to be a part of the history and future of Grosh!

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