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25 Fun and Random Facts About Grosh Backdrops and Drapery

1. Let’s start with Disney. Down the street on Hyperion Ave is Gelson’s Market, a local grocery store. In the parking lot, on one of the light posts, displays a plaque that recognized the existence of Disney studios. Because the studio was so close Walt Disney used our paint frames many times to design backdrops for his Disneyland project.

2. During one of Disney’s visits, he was walking between paint frames 2 and 3 as the artists began to lower frame 3 and raise frame 4. The movement in his peripheral vision caused him to loose his equilibrium and he almost fell to the floor. Once he regained his balance he looked to the man that was with him and said; “I’ve got to build a ride like this”!

3. Much of the scenic work at Disneyland in Anaheim was designed and painted by the Grosh artisans, back when the park opened in July 17th 1955.

4. When Jimmy Stewart was getting started in his career he befriended Robert Grosh, the founder of Grosh Scenic Rentals. Robert offered him the loft above the back scenic office. Jimmy used it as his sleeping quarters until his acting career took off.

5. Britney Spears:  Our Sales Manager, Lindsay loves her and is glad she is making a comeback!  Our circus banners can be seen throughout her “Circus” video and Circus:The making of.

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