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High School Musical with Grosh Backdrops & Projections

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Don’t stick to the status quo!

Go all out for your production of High School Musical with Grosh Backdrops and Projections!

The Wildcats are back at East High School after an exciting winter break. Troy Bolton, captain of the basketball team, tells his teammate Chad Danforth all about Gabriella Montez who he met singing karaoke on New Year’s Eve. Gabriella has just transferred to East High and the two are reunited in homeroom with the drama teacher Ms. Darbus.

Gabriella sits with her new friend Taylor McKessie as Ms. Darbus announces auditions for the upcoming school musical Juliet and Romeo much to the excitement of East High’s drama stars Sharpay and Ryan Evans. In between classes Troy and Gabriella reconnect and both consider signing up for the auditions but are interrupted by Sharpay who’s confident she and her brother will once again be cast as the leads.

Sharpay isn’t the only one who wants them to stay away from the auditions. Chad and the rest of the basketball team encourage Troy to forget about Gabriella and focus on basketball, while Taylor persuades Gabriella to join her scholastic decathlon team. Despite what their teammates want for them, Troy and Gabriella find themselves accidentally auditioning for the musical and Ms. Darbus invites them both to callbacks for the lead roles.

Sharpay is infuriated by the news and wants to ruin their chances of getting the leads, so she persuades Ms. Darbus to move the callbacks to the same day as Troy’s championship basketball game and Gabriella’s scholastic decathlon. Forced between sticking to the status quo and going out for the musical, Gabriella and Troy begin to be torn apart by their conflicting commitments as everyone prepares for the big day. The Wildcats soon learn that the only way for them all to succeed is to work together to make it happen. 

High School Musical with Grosh Backdrops and Projections 1

Kick off the Wildcats’ first day back to school with the High School Exterior backdrop. This grand backdrop is ideal for opening numbers such as “Wildcat Cheer” and “Start of Something New” to introduce your audience to the characters before welcoming them to the halls of East High. Once classes are in session, our Classroom backdrop is the perfect way to elevate the homeroom and detention scenes where all the main characters come together.

Classroom backdrop ES8050 4

Help Troy and his team get ready for the championship game with the Locker Room and Indoor Gymnasium backdrops. These sporty backdrops will bring audiences to the heart of the team and East High for “Get’cha Head in the Game”and “We’re All in This Together” to close out the show. 

Gym backdrop S2727

ES8035 Patriotic Gymnasium 2 scaled

We can’t forget about everyone’s favorite mean girl, Sharpay Evans and her iconic pink locker. The School Hallway backdrop is just what you need to make Sharpay’s locker pop as she signs up for the musical auditions. Our Red Brick Wall backdrop sets the stage for the musical auditions where Sharpay and Ryan blow everyone away with their rendition of “What I’ve Been Looking For”. Even when everything doesn’t go as she planned, Sharpay finds a way to shine in the cafeteria for “Stick to the Status Quo”. The Cafeteria backdrop depicts a brightly lit high school cafeteria that leaves the stage open for the huge dance number and Sharpay’s grand entrance. 

ES7247 Cafeteria scaled

At Grosh we’re all in this together! Let us help you set your stage today! 

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